Lawyers Make It Easier to Appropriately Assign Blame After an Accident

Many car accidents end up appearing to have been avoidable once the dust has cleared. While there are certain types of collisions where blame can’t readily be assigned to one driver or the other, those tend to be in the minority.

In many more cases, a Car Accident Lawyer dedicated to a particular case will be able to show that one involved driver bears most or all of the blame. In fact, there are a few types of situations where the laws will assign responsibility to one driver almost by default.

After Many Car Accidents, an Effective Lawyer Can Make a Real Difference

Accidents tend to be confusing, with those involved sometimes seeing their own stories change over time as the details start to become clearer. That can end up causing problems for responsible drivers, as admissions or concessions made immediately after an incident frequently turn out to be inaccurate or unnecessarily damaging later on.

Getting in touch with an attorney after an accident of any seriousness will tend to help the truth shine through. Even when important facts remain disputed or simply unsettled, an attorney will often be able to provide certainty and confidence.

That frequently happens when a lawyer is able to show that one driver’s behavior was so far out of bounds as to make most other issues moot. Some of the situations where the legal framework will often assign blame so decisively include those where a driver was:

  • Distracted. Whether by staring intently at a smartphone or being overly engrossed in a conversation, a driver who becomes distracted can become a menace to others on the roads. As such, the laws often mandate that drivers found to have been distracted be assigned the blame for accidents they become involved in.
  • Intoxicated. Being drunk or impaired by a controlled substance of any kind can easily lead to accidents. Once again, laws often provide for decreeing such drivers solely responsible for any accidents they are involved in.

A Single Phone Call Can be the Most Important Move of All

Getting in touch with an attorney after being involved in a serious accident often proves to be one of the best possible responses. Even where the true cause of an accident initially seems unclear, an attorney will often be able to lend clarity to the situation.