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How to Tell a True Luxury Vodka From a Cheap Imitation

Anyone who has ever been out to a bar that doesn’t offer top-shelf liquor will know that there is a big difference between true luxury vodka and cheap, plastic bottle knock-offs. While top-shelf brands taste great and go down smooth, cheaper vodkas often produce an unpleasant burn and almost always leave consumers feeling awful in the morning. This article is about what factors go into making a truly distinctive, high-end vodka.

The Good

The only way for drinkers to really get a feel for whether an emergent vodka brand will live up to its hype when out at the bar is to either ask the bartender what other consumers have had to say about it or to just give it a shot for themselves. When they’re choosing top-shelf liquor for private parties, it’s a little bit easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. Look for gluten-free, 100% corn mash vodka that has been not just distilled but also carefully finished to provide the smoothest possible taste.

The Bad

It’s often easier to tell what brands to stay away from than it is to guess which of the supposed luxury vodkas will actually live up to the name. Never purchase shots at a bar or bottles online or at the liquor store that come in plastic, and make a point of paying attention to the packaging. Even supposedly top-shelf vodkas that feature less than impressive packaging can usually be discounted right off the bat since their manufacturers would have put more effort into the design process if their products were truly designed for exclusive connoisseurs.

The Take-Away

While a certain amount of determining which vodkas are good and which ones are bad is purely a matter of personal taste, there are at least a few ways that true vodka lovers can at least make an educated guess prior to placing their orders. Those who don’t want to worry about whether their choices will be a hit or a flop can always trust the experts, too. Check out to learn about one very exclusive, up-and-coming vodka brand that has all of the true vodka connoisseurs talking today.