How Often Do Police Officers Manage To Catch Hit And Run Drivers?

Dealing with vehicle damages, due to a hit and run driver, is one of the most frustrating things for car owners to go through. It is important to follow up with a lawyer, car insurance company, and the police to determine, How Often Do Police Officers Manage to Catch Hit and Run Drivers? The information listed below will help car owners to learn how to quickly bounce back from the aftermath of a hit and run incident.

The First Step is to Call the Police.

Once it is determined that the vehicle is damaged, it is time to call the police and request an official report. It is important to stay calm throughout the process and know that the police will do everything they can to find the person who caused the damages to the vehicle. Keep a copy of the report because it is an important document that will be requested by the insurance company.

File a Claim with The Insurance Company.

The police may or may not find the person responsible for the damage, but it is possible to get the repair expenses covered with uninsured motorist insurance. Take some extra time to discuss options with a representative from the insurance company and, fill out all forms that are required to file the claim. Provide the police report and write a detailed description of what happened during the incident.

Schedule Time to Meet with a Lawyer.

If the police catch the hit and run driver, it is important to take swift action and, meet with a lawyer. Sit down with a lawyer and, brainstorm all of the different legal options that are available. The lawyer will need copies of all documents from the police and the insurance company.

The most important step, after a hit and run incident, is to make sure everyone is safe. It is important to stay calm and, contact the police as soon as possible to report the incident. The official police report will be the first step towards finding the person who is responsible for all of the damages and, ultimately bringing them to justice.